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Don & PJ BahrMy name is Don Bahr, I have lived in the beautiful Black Hills since 1979. I have a lovely wife, P.J., and we have five grown children with 15 grand children. Throughout most of these years my main hobby has been gold prospecting along with motorcycles, rock hounding and hunting Fairburn Agates. I have enjoyed cutting & polishing these unique stones into fine jewelry, making each and every one a one-of-a-kind item to be cherished forever by Fairburn admirers.

All our stones are cut by DB's Agates. We have sold on Ebay for many years. We find, cut, polish and design our own stones. People who have seen our work, from friends to professional jewelers, have been quite impressed. It is a great feeling of joy and accomplishment to take a rough stone that was found out in the grasslands and to bring out all the bands and color that are waiting just under the surface.

AgatesFairburns are among the most colorful agates in the world. Those among the avid agate hunters will agree that they are becoming exceedingly scarce, but not impossible to find for those who are persistent.

We "rockhounds" are in a quest for something that gold and silver cannot buy. That "rock", that certain agate that gives us an excuse and a purpose to get away from the everyday "grind", the hustle and bustle in the cities and the highways which has become too much for the species of what God created in the beginning and placed in the wilderness to live.


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